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A mile high in Colorado

Whilst marijuana has been legalised in the state of Colorado, a ‘mile high’ doesn’t refer to that at all… Instead it’s actually a literal figure for the altitude of Denver, my arrival point in Colorado but by no means was it the highest altitude I reached during my time in the state.

As I was writing in my previous post, I had just hopped on board the California Zephyr, described as one of the most ‘beautiful train trips’ in all of North America. Continue reading A mile high in Colorado

Capitol Limited to Chicago

After an overnight stay in Washington, I caught the 4:05pm Capitol Limited for the next leg of my Amtrak journey to Chicago.  As an overnight train, the Capitol Limited has a full buffet car service for dinner and breakfast, as well as a cafe car which is open pretty much all hours.  “Clyde”, the guy in the cafe car made frequent announcements over the train’s PA, making the items in the car sound a hell of a lot better than it actually was (using adjectives like organic, gourmet, fresh, tantalising… etc).  I witnessed first hand the quality of what’s on board when I woke up hungry after falling asleep pretty much boarded the train.  Little did I know that by doing so, I missed the conductor walking through recording reservations for dinner (a dinner which is well rated by the guy at Seat61.com) so I had a a pretty limp, processed chicken burger and rehydrated juice made from “organic and artificial ingredients sourced from the USA and overseas” instead.  At least it contained a heck of a lot of sugar (the burger and juice) (45g for 500mL or something?) so after the initial sugar rush, I was able to sleep again. Continue reading Capitol Limited to Chicago