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Mongol Rally – Part 1: Prelude

The Mongol Rally

So this post is a recap on the events leading up to, during and the wrap up of my Mongol Rally Adventure.  (If you haven’t seen it already, check out http://mongolrally.ting-b.com).  Note: Some of you might have got most of this post in an email way back in July…

Basically, in the months leading up to July 2014, Team Raven Shoe, consisting of Gary, Bej and I have been balancing jobs (well, Gary and Bej were working.. :P) and travel with sorting out visas, fundraising for this epic journey and my part, which was sorting out the car and the gear which would take us 1/3 around the world.

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My first Geocache

Geocaching can be described as a modern day treasure hunt with items or caches hidden all over the world.

With any GPS device (including your mobile phone), you basically download the app or save the cache locations to your handheld GPS and go and find it!  There are many different cache categories, some requiring you to solve problems to unlock the coordinates for the location of the cache.  Others make you follow a GPS trail, collecting hints which will give you the final address. Continue reading My first Geocache

Arthur’s Seat

I’ve been to Edinburgh four times now and I have yet to walk up Arthur’s Seat.

So with a few friends from Sydney also visiting Edinburgh, what better time to walk up than now?

Arthur’s Seat is basically a tall hill next to the centre of Edinburgh, which gives spectacular views all round.  There are many tracks to get to the top, so from what I could tell, you just point yourself in the general direction towards the top and walk (or run) your way up there! Continue reading Arthur’s Seat