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USA: Photo Summary

Want to see the photos but don’t want to read my ramblings?  Look no further! Continue reading USA: Photo Summary

Rocky Mountain High to Sacramento

With the current Amtrak timetable, getting from Denver to Yosemite National Park requires a mandatory overnight stop in either Sacramento or Emeryville California, after arriving there using the California Zephyr.  This is due to the lack of connecting trains and buses which leave in the area to get to Yosemite and the relatively late arrival time of the train into Sacramento.  From Sacramento however, it’s a bus, then a train, then another bus to get to the national park. Continue reading Rocky Mountain High to Sacramento

A mile high in Colorado

Whilst marijuana has been legalised in the state of Colorado, a ‘mile high’ doesn’t refer to that at all… Instead it’s actually a literal figure for the altitude of Denver, my arrival point in Colorado but by no means was it the highest altitude I reached during my time in the state.

As I was writing in my previous post, I had just hopped on board the California Zephyr, described as one of the most ‘beautiful train trips’ in all of North America. Continue reading A mile high in Colorado

The East Coast: Washington, D.C.

Note: My map of attractions for Washington, D.C. can be found here. Yes, I flipped the featured image…

If you want to experience the best trains in the United States, you can catch the Acela Express 150mph train which covers the leg between New York and Washington, D.C.  Or, for about half the price, you can catch a standard Amtrak train.  I went for the latter – a train called the “Northeast Regional”.  Being only around 40 minutes slower than the Acela (3hr 25min vs 2hr 45min?), I couldn’t justify the extra $. Continue reading The East Coast: Washington, D.C.