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Bath, Berlin and Prague

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I decided to join up with some friends from uni and explore Bath, Berlin and Prague.


Departing to Bath from London Paddington
Calling passengers for Bath!

With frequent trains from London Paddington, getting to Bath is pretty easy.  Apart from trains, coach tours stopping via Stonehenge are quite popular as well. Continue reading Bath, Berlin and Prague

Arthur’s Seat

I’ve been to Edinburgh four times now and I have yet to walk up Arthur’s Seat.

So with a few friends from Sydney also visiting Edinburgh, what better time to walk up than now?

Arthur’s Seat is basically a tall hill next to the centre of Edinburgh, which gives spectacular views all round.  There are many tracks to get to the top, so from what I could tell, you just point yourself in the general direction towards the top and walk (or run) your way up there! Continue reading Arthur’s Seat

My new SLR – Canon EOS 100D and a GoPro

Since my 40D died at the Australian GP in March, I’ve been without a SLR.  This really did not bother me too much as it just so happened to coincidentally time in with a very hectic time at work, so I had limited opportunities to use it anyway!

However, at the end of this month, I’m going away on a 2 week journey to the centre of Australia -to Uluru, so I definitely need a SLR of some kind to take photos. Continue reading My new SLR – Canon EOS 100D and a GoPro

Day trip to the Grampians

Nearing the end of Autumn, I decided to make a day trip to the Grampians for some walking.  So many people I know have raved about the Grampians for its trail walking, 4wdriving and rock climbing, so I had to go and check it out.

As I only had a day, I decided to gear up for some hiking.  Searching the net, I found this excellent guide to the many walking tracks in the Grampians, hosted on some home server for the Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club.  If you’re heading to the Grampians, definitely give it a look. Continue reading Day trip to the Grampians

Photos and Videos from 2013 Avalon Airshow!

Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, ear-plugs… check!  Avalon 2013 here I come!

Below are some links to videos taken across the Friday and Saturday I was there.

2013 Avalon Airshow- Highlights Video 1

2013 Avalon Airshow- Highlights Video 2

2013 Avalon Airshow – USAF F-22A Raptor Australian Premiere!

2013 Avalon Airshow – RAAF F/A-18F Demonstration

2013 Avalon Airshow – USAF F-16C Fighting Falcon Demonstration Continue reading Photos and Videos from 2013 Avalon Airshow!