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Uluru Adventure!

Day 1: Bendigo to Renmark

It’s Friday which means it’s the end of the work week, but the start of a 2 week adventure to the Red Centre of Australia and back.  With four of us having pre-packed the night before, all we have to do is ensure we leave work on time, rendevous at my place then head off!

I guess with all four of us working at the same company, it’s quite easy to ensure we all get away at the same time, on time.  Such was the case, with us leaving with military precision at 3:30pm. Continue reading Uluru Adventure!

Photos and Videos from 2013 Avalon Airshow!

Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, ear-plugs… check!  Avalon 2013 here I come!

Below are some links to videos taken across the Friday and Saturday I was there.

2013 Avalon Airshow- Highlights Video 1

2013 Avalon Airshow- Highlights Video 2

2013 Avalon Airshow – USAF F-22A Raptor Australian Premiere!

2013 Avalon Airshow – RAAF F/A-18F Demonstration

2013 Avalon Airshow – USAF F-16C Fighting Falcon Demonstration Continue reading Photos and Videos from 2013 Avalon Airshow!

Bike Buller

When people talk about Mt Buller, they usually talk about going there to ski or snowboard.  However, a mate of mine has been working for World Trail, a company run by a Glen Jacobs, a quite famous identity in the mountain biking scene, responsible for an Australian TV show called the Chosen Line.

Working for World Trail has meant going around Australia, creating and restoring mountain bike tracks and Bike Buller, the project to turn Buller into a Whistler-of-Australia location has been in the progress for some time now. Continue reading Bike Buller