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Coming Soon: From Florida to freezing, my transcontinental journey across the USA

Over the past 5 weeks, I’ve been on an epic journey up and down, east to west across the United States of America.  With things almost wrapped up in Texas, stay tuned for my experience through the land of the free and the home of the brave.



Berlin Unterwelten!

For those who have read into the history of Berlin, you would know that the threat of destruction from conventional and nuclear weapons caused the leadership in the day to construct underground bunkers.  Though many of these underground installations have been destroyed or have caved in, some have been opened to the public via guided tours from Berlin Unterwelten.  Buying tickets from their Pavilion at Gesundbrunnen U-bahn station, we set off for two ‘bunkers’ in their English Speaking Tour 3. Continue reading Berlin Unterwelten!

Countdown to the 2014 Mongol Rally

On 19 July 2014, I’ll be departing for an epic trek across Europe and Central Asia, journeying by car with a few friends from the UK to Mongolia!

If you haven’t heard of the Mongol Rally before, essentially it is what it’s called.  It’s a charity rally, where teams from all over the world journey from Goodwood, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Unlike a ‘traditional’ rally, there are no support crews, no designated stops, no set route nor time limit to get there.

This year, the cars are required to have sub-1000cc engine (previous years up to 1.3L was allowed) and they should generally cost no more than £500.  Teams have journey through the Balkans, Iran, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kazakhstan to reach their final destination.  Though the rally has been run for a number of years now and hundreds of teams have successfully completed the journey, many teams have fallen victim to the inhospitable terrain and driving conditions which have resulted in mechanical breakdowns, traffic accidents and the crushed spirits… Challenge accepted!

This year, the official charity of the rally is Cool Earth, aimed at protecting the world’s rainforests from deforestation and illegal development.  My team has also decided to support Legacy, an organisation founded to support the families of Australian soldiers who have been incapacitated or have died whilst serving overseas.

Watch this space for the link to our team’s blog, which will have our official fundraising page, progress of the team leading up to July 19 and of course, team tracking during the rally.

My new SLR – Canon EOS 100D and a GoPro

Since my 40D died at the Australian GP in March, I’ve been without a SLR.  This really did not bother me too much as it just so happened to coincidentally time in with a very hectic time at work, so I had limited opportunities to use it anyway!

However, at the end of this month, I’m going away on a 2 week journey to the centre of Australia -to Uluru, so I definitely need a SLR of some kind to take photos. Continue reading My new SLR – Canon EOS 100D and a GoPro

Death of my 40D :(

Well, after a weekend in the rain at the Australian GP, it seems like my Canon 40D has taken its last photo…

I would upload the last photos, but alas, not only has my camera died, but I’ve lost my CF card reader!

So my search for a new SLR begins… and hopefully one more weatherproof!

Do I get a 7D even though it’s now 3 years old?  Do I get a 5D Mk III and accept the drop in continuous frame rate? Do I fork out $$$$’s for a weather-sealed 1Dx?  Do I swap sides and get a Nikon D800? The choices!

Bike Buller

When people talk about Mt Buller, they usually talk about going there to ski or snowboard.  However, a mate of mine has been working for World Trail, a company run by a Glen Jacobs, a quite famous identity in the mountain biking scene, responsible for an Australian TV show called the Chosen Line.

Working for World Trail has meant going around Australia, creating and restoring mountain bike tracks and Bike Buller, the project to turn Buller into a Whistler-of-Australia location has been in the progress for some time now. Continue reading Bike Buller