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Protective Cases Comparison – Pelican 1450 vs. Duratech Precision MPV4

If you need a watertight, dustproof, shock absorbing and crush resistant case for transporting your valuable gear, there is no product which can match the decorated testamur of the Pelican case.

From protecting precious military equipment in the Middle East to allowing researches in the pacific to swim to shore with their equipment intact, the Pelican case has been there, done that, again and again and again. Continue reading Protective Cases Comparison – Pelican 1450 vs. Duratech Precision MPV4

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Review

There are many people out there who stake that “if you want to be a serious photographer, you need an SLR.”  I.e. you need the ability to change lens to suit the occasion.  You need to have total control of your shutter speed, depth of field and white balance.  You need to be able to drive a master speedlite with two slaves, want the capability to use your gradient filter kits and must have the capacity to capture high ISO pictures with low noise. More recently, you probably even want to shoot 1080p HD videos (no mention of shooting videos well, just shooting 1080p video). These are all assumed low level deliverables to the aforementioned high level objective. Continue reading Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Review