G’day! Welcome to my blog!

As an engineer, report writing, drafting technical specifications, procedures, feasibility reports, audits, test reports and documentation can be very bland and a real killer of creativity.  Therefore, I started this blog to not only share my travel experiences, but also to practice writing and typing in a non-technical writing manner.  Sometimes I can’t help but slip in a few technical references here or there or work with numbers… So bear with me…

Hopefully you find some of my posts interesting and perhaps even thought-provoking?!

Don’t forget to checkout my travel maps and kitbag – a list of the equipment that I have used on my journeys.  Where something has been of great help, I’ll provide a more in-depth review.

If you have any questions on any places I have been, the gear that I have, or any photos which you would like to have a personal copy of, drop me a message.

If you like what you read, please leave a comment! If you don’t like what you read, tell me why!


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