View from Boronia Peak

Day trip to the Grampians

Nearing the end of Autumn, I decided to make a day trip to the Grampians for some walking.  So many people I know have raved about the Grampians for its trail walking, 4wdriving and rock climbing, so I had to go and check it out.

As I only had a day, I decided to gear up for some hiking.  Searching the net, I found this excellent guide to the many walking tracks in the Grampians, hosted on some home server for the Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club.  If you’re heading to the Grampians, definitely give it a look.

As the days are short and the Grampians are a 2.5/3hr drive from Bendigo, leaving at 6am and returning to Bendigo by 7/8pm would give me around 8 hours of walking time.  Based on this, I aimed to do the Mt Rosea and The Pinnacle trails. Temperatures were going to be around 10’C throughout the day with  cloud cover and possible light showers and wind.

Gearing up with my Camelbak, 3L of water, some tinned food, muesli bars, my goretex and a light merino pullover, I was off! Mt Rosea was first as it was the longest.  Starting from the car park, the trek was immediately uphill, meandering along the base of the mountain.  It had rained earlier so the track was soft and muddy in the areas near the various mountain streams.  Small timber bridges were installed where larger streams passed and the track was well maintained, with only littered with a few small tree branches which had recently fallen from the winds.

After walking around the base, you start to immediately make the rocky climb up the mountain.  Markers showing the way were everywhere and a couple which I later caught up with ahead of me were leaving behind rock piles (otherwise known as cairns) between the official markers.


As I wanted to finish this track in under 4 hours, I was going at a pretty quick and steady pace.  A couple of km’s from the top, there were some pretty fun areas – rock tunnels, climbs etc. which I could roll around and jump across.

On the way up

Nearing the top, you start to get an impression of the great views to be had.  A nice relative location marker could also be found.

Almost there!



From Mt Rosea, it was off to the start of the Pinnacle track.  This track is billed as the ‘must do’ track if you ever go the Grampians.  It overlooks Halls Gap and has great views.  Not too tricky either, just a nice walk.

On the way up

With the two walks completed, there was still a bit of time in the day.  Looking at the official map of the area, there was a carpark near Sundial Peak, which allowed a shorter return journey – so off to make the most of it! All in all, managed to do just over 7hrs of walking.  Will have to definitely return here again and stay a few nights to really make the most of it.  Maybe even bring my climbing harness with me and a climbing partner!


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