12 years of G-Shock

So for probably the 4th time, the battery of my watch died.  No big deal – unscrew the back, swap out the battery, clean the o-ring, apply some silicone grease and it’s back to business as usual.

But it made me think.. I’ve had this watch since 2001 and it was made in 1999.  That’s a 15 year old watch with 12 years of service!

Finding an old stock photo of the watch as-new shows that it has definitely aged in that time with most of the armour, light button etc, succumbing to humidity deterioration and wear and tear.  But it still works fine, keeps time, all functions working.  Let’s hope its 13th year isn’t going to be unlucky.

As new
As new

3 thoughts on “12 years of G-Shock”

  1. Great watches hey! I’ve had mine for a similar time and only changed the battery once and that was only last year. Just keeps going!

  2. The entire G-Shock line is absolutely brilliant. They changed the way people built, tested and wore watches. They can be found on the wrists of pilots, divers, soldiers and if you get one in black it’s understated and elegant enough for everyday wear.

    Mine is almost 6 years old now and I love it. It was a fantastic bargain too!

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