A new kitbag!

After seriously neglecting this blog for over a year now, I’m ready to make another attempt at it!

So where to start but to talk about some recent purchases I’ve made! So straight to the ‘Kitbag’ category for my new kitbag!

Now many of you out there may have seen these sort of rugged, water-resistant PVC duffel/cargo bags that are on sale from popular brands such as North Face, Kathmandu, Denali, Karrimor and Caribee.  As I’ve now got a ute with no tonneau cover, it would be really handy to complement my Trimcast box with some extra water-resistant storage when travelling…

However, for what they are, I’m not out to spend $100.00 on a bag, regardless of brand…

But behold Torpedo7 and their sales!  Though I’ve never heard of the “Beyond” brand before, the deal was too good to pass up.

They have 2 sizes – a Medium (50L) bag for $23.99 and an Large (80L) bag for $34.99, both in Red!

Instead of a large bag, I’ve opted for 2x Medium sized bags, which are roughly the same size as my current (non-water-resistant) duffle bag.  Seeing as I can cram more than enough stuff into a single bag of this size, I figured that if I filled a Large bag up, it would be beyond practical weight.

Anyway… order is away and confirmed! Hope to get them in the mail soon!  When I do, there will be plenty of photos and a water-proof test to be done!

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