Visiting the United Nations

I can vividly recall the days back in my high-school debating team (yep, I was one of those people and I don’t regret it; it turns out this was one of those skills which I got to practice more often than not in my first job out of uni) competing against other schools in Cairns.  We  often debated topics relating to global security, terrorism, international law, human rights, domestic issues such as refugees and asylum seekers etc. throughout the year.  Whenever the opposing side would mention about some generic UN Declaration-for-something-noble-yet-totally-unenforceable-No.-1142-Issue-14 and how therefore all countries who are signatories (which more often than not, Australia was) are supposed to follow it as justification for one of their arguments, my team would always articulate our rebuttal along the lines of “Oh great, yet another ‘how to save the world’ theory from the world’s largest rolling cocktail party/soiree…” or “yet another document with the same credibility as a pre-paid, .pdf Diploma from the University of Phoenix…” which usually resulted in some laughs from the audience and red faces across the floor.  (Actually, after talking with Steve and Shirley, it turns out that the University of Phoenix is more credible than what I thought it was 9 years ago… All I remembered was getting a bunch of emails in my Hotmail spam folder advertising such Diplomas). Continue reading Visiting the United Nations

Only the Best Made…

One of the Christmas gifts my sister bought her husband last year was an axe named Grace from a shop called The Best Made Company located in New York.  Yep, an axe and yes it has a name but no, he’s not an axe murderer nor a lumberjack. They don’t even have an operational fireplace. However “…it does look cool and it will mean I’ll have one in case of a zombie apocalypse” or so the story goes… Continue reading Only the Best Made…

The East Coast: Starting with New York

Note: my Google Maps of NYC with various attractions, places to eat, transport hubs etc. can be found here.

So with the first 3 days of my USA trip over and done it, it was onwards to New York.  As the guy who I shared the airport shuttle bus said, “I’ve been here for 16 years and haven’t grown out of it.  There are so many different versions of New York depending on what you want.  There’s the old school New York, the young version, the trendy version, the family side of it, it can be whatever you want it to be.” Clichéd? Very. However after spending 6 days there, it is none-the-less true. Continue reading The East Coast: Starting with New York

The Space Coast, Florida

I’ll start my first post about the States with this: In my opinion, there is no other nation in this world more polarising than the USA. Love them or hate them, for good or for bad, Americans have had a profound impact on this world.  For many of us in Australia, we grow up watching American TV shows, movies from Hollywood and are exposed to the political happenings in Washington DC every four years, for two years at a time… The American accent is so familiar, yet foreign, their mannerisms are so recognisable yet not easily and authentically imitated and the contrasting nature of their society means that caricatures of famous American figures, be they celebrities or politicians are actually closer to reality rather than exaggerations of their character. Continue reading The Space Coast, Florida

Coming Soon: From Florida to freezing, my transcontinental journey across the USA

Over the past 5 weeks, I’ve been on an epic journey up and down, east to west across the United States of America.  With things almost wrapped up in Texas, stay tuned for my experience through the land of the free and the home of the brave.